Sunday, August 12, 2012

An update on Grandma Marian

A lot of people have been asking me lately how my mom is doing, so I thought I'd do a public update. While she still has some work ahead of her to get back to pre-coma energy and mobility, on the whole, she is doing great!

She continues to get stronger every day, and is seeing a physical therapist a couple of times a week. She and I have resumed our regular telephone conversations, and she tells me that The Kid's current trouble falling asleep at night is due to the bad karma of my public gloating in this very space. And so, at her urging, I take back my "nanny-nanny-boo-boo" of the last post. Sorry, Em. Please tell Morpheus to take it easy on The Kid. There, Mom, bad karma reversed?

I know that Mom misses the gallery -- or, more specifically, all of her customer-friends. But not even a coma could keep her from doing what she loves, which is why she is working with her friend Michelle Amadeo of Bode Floors to put on what has become an annual event--Summer Camp for grown-ups. I'm pasting the information below. Please consider checking it out if you're around. It should be a good time, and it's for a good cause.

Bode Floors (in honor of      Gallery  44) presents Summer Camp for Grownups
       (without the bugs!)
The Art of Interior Design. And support for a great cause.  
The Fourth Annual Summer Camp for Grownups.
August 13 through August 17.
Five days and ten sessions with some of the best designers and other home experts in the area. Sessions are $10.00 each or $75.00 for all ten. And every penny will be donated to Success in Style, an organization that provides free work attire and counseling to disadvantaged women and men trying to enter the job market.

Bonus: Bring your lunch or order a boxed lunch for a nomimal fee by calling Marian and enjoy lunch with both of the day's designers. Bring your questions and ideas and get answers and advice. 

Monday, August 13
10:30 am - noonTips and Tricks of Interior Design    Ever wonder why your room doesn't quite look like the ones in the magazines? April Force Pardoe will share her secrets, tips and tricks for designing a space that makes your heart sing.
Noon -
1:30 PM 
Bring  your lunch or contact Marian (410-917-3544) to order food and spend more time with
1:30 PM -
3:00 PM

Tips and Tricks for Designing a Kitchen that You Will Love in 30 Years
April Force Pardoe will show us how to create timeless, classic design in the room we need to love.

Tuesday. August 14
10:30 AM -
Color Scheming
If you are stymied by the thought of putting colors together, then this is the seminar for you. Patti Wannall of Creative Design and Furnishings will teach us the basics of color theory and color schemes.

Noon -
1:30 PM
Lunch break Patti and Jenny. Boxed lunch available by calling Marian. (410-917-3544)
1:30 PM -
3:00 PM 
What's Color without Texture?
 Decorative painter and texture specialist, Jenny Snyder, of color Ingenuity brings us both do-it-yourself and expert wall finishes and textures.

Wednesday, August 15
10:30 AM - 
What's Up Underfoot?
Have fun with Michele Amedeo of Bode Floors when she shows us everything that's new in flooring.

Noon -
1:30 PM
Lunch break with Michele and Carol.(Boxed lunch available by calling Marian (410-917-3544).

1:30 PM -
3:30 PM
Do You Recognize Your House?
Have you outgrown your house? Do you walk into a space that,frankly,just feels wrong? Well if that's your problem,Carol Weil, the Decorating Therapists, has the solutions for you.

Thursday, August 16
10:30 AM-
Mixing Patterns
Debbie McHale, of Interior Transformations, will take the mystery out of mixing patterns in a room. 
Noon -
1:30 PM
Lunch break with Debbie and Marian;boxed 
available by calling Marian at 410-917-3544.

1:30 PM-
3:00 PM 
The Fine Art of Hanging Art
Marian Berman, formerly at Gallery 44, will discuss the rules and guidelines for hanging art, even if you are 5'2" and your husband is 6'5".

Friday, August 17
10:30 AM-
 The Cure for the Plain Box Room  
 Hal Happersett of Interior Decisions will  demonstrate easy fixes for rooms without  architectural interest. And knowing Hal, I can  assure you that there will be lots more.

1:30 pm 
Lunch with Hal. Boxed lunch available by calling Marian (410-917-3544).
1:30 PM -
3:00 PM 
Window Treatments
Join Hal Happersett, Of Interior Decisions, for a spirited discussion on the types and applications of window treatments and fabrics.

Call Marian at 410-917-3544 or send an email to for reservations for what I promise will be the most fun camp you can go to as a grownup.

Michele Amedeo and Marian Berman

P. S. And remember that 100 percent of the proceeds go to Success in style. Check us out

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Kate Dunkin said...

This is great, I'm so happy to hear that your Mom is doing well Tracie. I was reading articles about sell your structured settlement's when I came across your blog. I'm happy I did because it's always good to read about good news. Thank you for sharing this with us!